Environmental consulting

Environmental planning, evaluation and monitoring plays a fundamental role in any project, from the first stages of conceptualization to its implementation and operation. Caroni River Group works with its clients providing international expertise in environmental management to optimize long term operations, mitigate risks and enhance benefits for communities

Environmental consulting

Environmental research is largely applied in the industry and involves understanding the ecological consequences of environmental change caused by human activity.

At Caroni River Group, corporate responsibility for social and environmental matters are of the utmost seriousness and we work closely with our clients to develop a robust and systematic approach to investigate when an environment is at risk, assisting them in meeting their statutory requirements, but also identifying ways in which they can develop a sustainable business, minimising commercial and reputation risks.

Aside from meeting legal responsibilities, we do think an environment and community-first approach is the only way to shape the future of the energy industry, so that it serves the people, the economy and the environment in a reliable and equitable way. We are familiar with the International Financial Institutions’ Environmental and Social Principles and Standards that constitutes the main policy framework for the protection of the environment and human well-being and sets best practice recommendations for integrating social, biodiversity, natural resource management and climate considerations into projects’ development.

We understand the intricate processes of conducting fieldwork and engaging positively with communities. Our environmental and social specialists have developed novel surveying methodologies which have been used identifying potential problems during the planning and early design process, helping to avoid potential pitfalls that typically occur later on in the implementation process.

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