Rehabilitation and modernization

Rehabilitation and modernization works face numerous challenges during planning and implementation - our expertise is at your disposal to assess and mitigate project risks

Rehabilitation and modernization

The growth and dynamics of the electricity markets demands greater endeavours, from the technological capabilities of the manufacturers during the design phase and from the technical limits of the equipment and systems during the operation phase. The keyword for responding to these demanding changes is often "adaptation", and adaptation is often associated with modernization, rehabilitation, reconstruction, retrofit, and more recently, digitilization.

The technological modernization and digitization of the energy sector has mainly focused on more efficient, safe and sustainable electrical systems. The main benefits have been reduced operating and maintenance (O&M) costs, improved efficiencies, greater reliability, and an extension of the operational life of critical assets. Many power plant operators are suffering from major profitability issues due to not making timely decisions or by adopting poorly informed decisions.

At Caroni River Group we understand that there are technical, financial, environmental, regulatory and other non-technical aspects that must be systematically analyzed before deciding whether or not is feasible to discuss a potential rehabilitation. It is necessary to understand the balance between the remuneration schemes, the requirements of the electrical grid and the technical characteristics and current condition of the generating units or of the plant as a whole, among other factors to assess the technical-economic feasibility of carrying out a partial or total rehabilitation of the plant or its systems.

From our experience, if the plant or any of its equipment has reached a significant useful life or has lost a certain production capacity, rehabilitation is not the only option, other options such as decommissioning, continuing to operate "as it is", or carrying out more intensive maintenance - the point is that rehabilitation is not always the preferable option.

We put the experience of our experts at your disposal for early machinery condition studies, planning, or technical inspections that need to be done prior to a decision is made in relation to a rehabilitation project.

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