Project and programme management

We invest the time necessary to analyze and understand the client's long-term business plan and the requirements of each project and develop the strategy that best meets those needs. We develop together with our clients a unique strategy which most likely will change throughout the project implementation.

Project and programme management

Projects are perceived to be unique, and therefore, we first engage working with our clients to understand the project goals and requirements to determine which project management methods can be applied. We focus our efforts on developing cost-effective delivery strategy, including the planning, organization, procurement and control of the work required to implement that strategy.

We assess in detail the project scope and its interaction with other projects within the client’s portfolio seeking to get a better understanding of major technical, environmental, contractual and commercial risks and potential liabilities associated with the design, implementation, construction and operation of the project and associated works. We are absolutely aware of the importance of an informed and timely opinion and we work notifying our clients of potential risks as these are identified and the range of alternatives to deal with them. 

Our approach to deliver enhanced programme management is based on recognizing the long-term business strategy and which objectives are really achievable within the budget and overall capabilities. Then we categorize the priorities and develop integrated project plans, program success criteria, and integrated project metrics focused on efficiency, cost, schedule, quality, and safety.

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