Ethics and business conduct policy

Our success depends on building fair, transparent and productive relationships with our clients, suppliers, contractors, subconsultants and partners based on integrity, ethical behaviour, and mutual trust.


Caroni River Group maintains this Ethics and Business Conduct Policy that sets out what is expected of all employees in terms of professional behaviour. The Ethics and Business Conduct Policy is implemented and appropriately communicated within the Group’s business units.

To ensure a consistent and comprehensive approach to legal and regulatory compliance, ethical standards and business conduct, company-wide documents set out the required standards of professional behaviour from employees which are appropriately communicated and deployed in all organisational areas.


Our success depends on building fair, transparent and productive relationships with our clients, suppliers, contractors, subconsultants and partners based on integrity, ethical behaviour, and mutual trust. At Caroni River Group we are committed to:

  • Comply with the laws concerning international trade. It means we shall comply with all applicable customs, anti-boycott, embargo, export, and trade control laws, rules, and regulations. 
  • Compete and conduct our business fairly and honestly. We strive to compete on the basis of the quality and value of services and products provided. We will not solicit, gather, receive, possess, or use information about competitors or government information that we should not have or that we have gathered or received by inappropriate means. Additionally, we will not give such information to others. 
  • Caroni River Group’s employees should not offer or accept gifts or payments, or undertake inappropriate activities, to facilitate any engagements. Entertainment of our personnel or clients that is lavish or inappropriate in nature is also not permitted.
  • Manage our subcontractor, subconsultant, and supplier relationships in a fair and reasonable manner, consistent with applicable laws and good business practices.
  • Act with honesty and integrity, avoiding actual or apparent conflicts of interest in personal and professional relationships.
  • Develop and maintain fair and mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners and suppliers. 
  • Provide excellence through our professional services and to pursuit continuous quality improvement, and we strive to satisfy client expectations at all times. We seek to build trust and to always communicate honestly with our clients, always focused in fulfilling our contracts and our commitments. 

Caroni River Group operates a policy of zero tolerance to bribery and fraud and this culture is promoted across all organisational areas. We expect all of our personnel, particularly those conducting international business, to know, understand, and abide by anti-corruption laws applicable to the business they conduct. Any and all payments made by, or on behalf of, Caroni River Group must be lawful and made only for legitimate business purposes. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to offer, give, solicit, or receive any form of bribe or kickback.

Regardless of whether there is an existing or future client relationship, we select suppliers, contractors, and partners based on the quality, price, service, delivery, and supply of needed goods and services. Procurement decisions should be based on objective business rationale, and not on personal interest or bias, through a fair, honest and transparent procurement process.


This Policy is set by the Board of Directors and implemented across all our operations through rules, procedures and guidance. General managers are responsible to ensure we meet our ethics and professional behaviour standards and for monitoring and reviewing their implementation. Directors, Project Managers and Team Leaders are responsible for assessing risks of non-compliance with our policies in each of our projects and activities. All managers are expected to demonstrate visible leadership in supporting the Group’s ethical values by acting with integrity and taking appropriate disciplinary, corrective or improvement action where breaches have taken place. 

While policies are important, ultimately the success of our Ethics and Business Conduct Policy rests with each of our employees.

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